In the  spring of 1982 while cruising the waters of Hilton Head Island, David T.  Houston and Willard W. Greenwood discussed the possibility of  establishing a yacht club for the residents of Hilton Head Plantation.   Boat owners were contacted, and it was found there was a great deal of  interest.
Twenty-two  people met at the Skull Creek Marina Restaurant on April 22, 1982, for  the purpose of organizing a yacht club.  Those present voted  unanimously  in favor of a club to be named the Hilton Head Plantation  Yacht Club.
The first official meeting of the club was held April  29, 1982, at Spring Lake Pavilion, and David T. Houston was elected as  Commodore.  The club grew rapidly with many boating and social events  held during the year including a "get-acquainted" cocktail party, a  boating trip to Beaufort, a Low Country Cookout and dinner dance. 

The  first annual meeting was held at the Holiday Inn in April of 1983, and  the original slate of officers was re-elected to serve through the  remainder of that year.  On December 9, 1983, the first Change of Watch  Dinner Dance was held at the Hilton Head Beach and Tennis Club.  Willard  W. Greenwood was installed as Commodore. At the end of 1983 the club  members had a fleet of 18 sailboats and 28 powerboats, and the  membership was 112.

During 1984 the club  became affiliated with the Yachting Club of America, a national  organization of over 900 yacht clubs.  At regular meetings guest  speakers from the Coast Guard Auxiliary, U.S. Power Squadron and other  organizations spoke on various aspects of boating. Several members  participated in lifesaving courses and earned CPR certificates. Many  boating events were scheduled: a cruise up the Beaufort River aboard the  Adventure, a swim and picnic at Spring Lake, a Low Country Cookout and  the annual Change of Watch Dinner Dance. The fleet grew to 25 sailboats  and 36 powerboats with a membership of 120.

Randall  Carpenter was installed as Commodore at the Change of watch Dinner  Dance held at the Plantation House on December 1, 1984. The Commodore  appointed a committee to update the Constitution and By-Laws, and this  was accomplished in April, 1985.  Social events for the year included a  St. Patrick's Party, Tour of Parris Island, Sunset Cruise aboard the  Adventurer, tour of Beaufort, Halloween Party, cruise and tour of Daufuskie Island and numerous raft-ups.

At  the end of 1985 the club had 125 members with a waiting list for both  boat owners and social memberships.  Sailboats numbered 25 with 40  powerboats. At the Change of Watch Dinner Dance held in December, 1985,  Loy Kutz was installed as Commodore.  During 1986 the membership was  filled and the year ended with a waiting list. The club fleet consisted  of 25 sailboats and 35 powerboats. Social activities for 1986 included a  cruise aboard the Vagabond Low Country Cook-out, Halloween Party,  Change of Watch Dinner Dance, fishing tournament and several raft-ups.  Highlighting the year's events were the overnight cruises to the Golden  Isles and Charleston. 

Don Keeler was installed as Commodore at the Change of Watch Dinner Dance  on December 6, 1986.  The 1987 club membership was at a maximum of 125  with a waiting list.  Sailboats numbered at 25 and powerboats at 36.   The 1987 social calendar was filled with many enjoyable raft ups,  cruises, trips, parties, dinners, speakers and a fishing contest.

1988  was a busy year for the Yacht Club members.  A dinner dance on St  Patrick's Day was followed by the highlight of the year a trip to the  submarine base at King's Bay on May 26.  A sunset cruise on the  "Adventure" and a cruise to the Savannah Resort and Country Club rounded  out the summer events.  A boat cruise to Bohicket, raft-ups and a  dinner cruise on the "Adventure" opened the fall events.  A Halloween  Party and fishing tournament with the change of watch Christmas Party on  December 8 capped the year.  The Yacht Club by-laws were amended to  allow the membership to increase to 150 members.

The  first activity for the 1989 HHPYC season was a January cruise to the  Bahamas.  A St. Valentine dinner dance, a cruise to St. Simons and raft  up carried the club through the spring and summer.  Events in the late  summer and fall consisted of cruises to Parris Island, Savannah and  Callawassie.  The Halloween Party was followed by a fishing tournament  and fish fry.  The year ended with a change of watch dinner dance at  which the Past Commodores were honored.

Robert  Peters was installed as the 1990 Commodore at the Change of Watch  Dinner Dance held at the Country Club of Hilton Head.  The 1990 club  membership was at the maximum of 150 members, 85 Boating and 65 Social.  and with 30 Sailboats and 55 Powerboats.  The 1990 Club year was filled  with many enjoyable activities with a most active participation by the  club members.  The Club activities started with a cruise to the Abacos  in January, and followed with a Valentine dinner dance, a raft-up, a  weekend cruise to the Golden Isles, and luncheon day trips rounded out  the spring and early summer events.  A cruise to Dataw Island and a  cruise to Edisto Island opened the fall season.  A Halloween party,  numerous dinners, guest speakers, and a fishing contest made for a most  memorable Club year.

On December 7,  1990, Burnett Moody was installed as the ninth Commodore at the annual  Change of Watch dinner dance.  The total club membership of 150 was  comprised of 55 power boaters, 32 sailors and 63 social members.  During  1991 the club organized and held their first sailing races.  Boating  activities included a cruise to Ladies Island for lunch, a Wilmington  River/ Thunderbolt luncheon and overnight cruise, two fishing  tournaments, a Charleston Navy Base overnight cruise and tour, the Boat  Show Lunch cruise to Shelter Cove Marina, a luncheon cruise to Parris  Island and eight raft-ups.  Special activities included a Caribbean  cruise, our first annual Commodore's Ball held on June 28 at the Country  Club of Hilton Head, a Valentine's Day dinner-dance at the Port Royal  Club, Cook-Out general meeting in September, and the annual Halloween  dinner dance party at the Plantation House.  The December 1991 Change of  Watch dinner dance at the Country Club of Hilton Head completed the  year's activities.

1992 was the tenth  anniversary of the Yacht Club.  Commodore Z. K. Kara initiated many new  ideas and changes: first picture directory, first budget, tenth  Anniversary Ball, first contact with 1996 Olympic Water Events  Committee, and awarding of the "Commodore's Cup" to the first winner,  Cliff Warner.  Social events included three Balls (Anniversary,  Commodore's and Change of Watch) plus the ever popular Halloween Party.   On the water there was. a four day cruise to Charleston, two lunch  cruises, four raft-ups, two fishing tournaments, followed by fish bakes,  and over 15 sail races followed by raft-ups.  Some members also enjoyed  an Alaska Cruise, while others traveled to Greece for a land  tour/cruise combination.  Special events this year included a bus trip  to view the Andrew Wyeth art show in Jacksonville with lunch at the  Jacksonville Yacht Club, a marine Air/Sea Rescue demonstration in Hilton  Head Plantation and a trip to the Beaufort Marine Air Station for a  tour and F18 fighter indoctrination.

On  December 3, 1992, Bob Runyon was installed as the eleventh Commodore at  the Change of Watch dinner dance. Club membership included 62 boaters,  30 sailors and 58 social. An active year began with a luncheon at the  Savannah Sheraton Hotel, hosted by the Savannah Olympic Support Council  where the Club reinforced its interest in active participation in the  1996 games.  Next came the first annual Jazz Brunch at the Grande Ocean  Resort.  March saw the first event of a ten race sailing season with  nine boats competing. Other on-the-water events included two River   Cruises, three lunch cruises, a four day extended cruise, two fishing  contests and several raft ups followed by dinners.  In May, the gala  Commodore's Ball was held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel.  The fall schedule  began with a September cook-out and continued with a well costumed  Halloween party and the formal Change of Watch dinner dance on December  3rd at the Hilton Resort.  Awards given were the "Commodore's Cup" to  Von von Hoffmann, sailing championship to Cliff Warner, and "Most  Valuable Player" to Bud Sechrist.

In  1994, with Jerry Darnell as Commodore, Club members enjoyed an active  program of water and social events, starting in March with a lunch  cruise to San Miguel's at Shelter Cove, and a Jazz Brunch at the Grande  Ocean Resort.  The Sunday sail races also began in March with a  twelve-race program extending through November and finishing with a Sail  Awards dinner.  Other water events included a fishing contest/Spring  Lake dinner, raft ups on the Colleton River, and lunch cruises to the  Anchorage in Beaufort, to Melrose on Daufuskie, to Palmer's on Turner  Creek, and to the Dockside in Port Royal.  A vacation cruise to the  Baltic during the summer continued the Club's ocean-faring tradition.   Social events included the Commodore's Ball at the Hyatt, a Pig Roast at  Spring Lake, the traditional Halloween party at the Plantation House,  and the Change of Watch dinner-dance at the Hilton Resort.  Membership  was maintained at 150 with 21 new boating and 6 new social members.   Cliff Warner was awarded the Commodore's Cup, while the sail racing  Championship was won by Ann and Chuck Fay.

"Von"  von Hoffmann was Commodore in an active year which included previously  held events such as the Jazz Brunch, Fishing Contest/Dinner, Commodore's  Ball, raft-ups, cruise to the Dockside Restaurant, September  dinner/meeting, Halloween Party, and Change-of-Watch Dance.  New events  included a lunch cruise to Harbour Town, Olympic sailing update at the  Savannah Hyatt, and the Day of Sail which gave members an opportunity  to  sail with the club skippers. The Sail Racing Program was expanded  through membership in the Hilton Head Racing Association. HHPYC skippers  captured five of the six awards given to the non-spinnaker group.  The  HHRA sponsored the first "Around the Island" sail race to benefit  Volunteers in Medicine, and HHPYC members did most of the work.  Change-of-Watch awards included a plaque to Z. K. Kara for his  contributions to the sail racing program, the prestigious Commodore's  Cup to Chuck and Ann Fay who were also the 1995 race champions, and a  mounted ship's bell donated by Commodore von Hoffmann for future  membership meetings.

"Von" von Hoffmann  again led the club as Commodore through 1996.  Popular activities were  repeated, including the Harbour Town Lunch/Cruise,  the Dockside  Lunch/Cruise, the September Pig Roast, the Halloween Dinner/Dance, and  of course the Commodore's Ball and the Change-Of-Watch Dinner/Dances.   Additional activities included the St. Patrick's Day Dinner/Dance, a  sunset dinner/cruise, a cruise to watch the Olympic sail races, and a  three day trip to Jekyll Island.  HHPYC again dominated the HHRA races  with Cliff Warner sailing Tivoli to second place.  The second annual  sail race to benefit VIM was won by Chuck Fay aboard Chinook.  Over  $4100 was donated to this fine charity.  Barry Gipstein captured our  club championship series with Leone.  The Board of Governors amended the  By-Laws to include two additional members to the Nominating Committee,  created a Council of Past Commodores headed by senior Past Commodore  Randy Carpenter, and introduced license plates with the club's burgee.   At the Change Of Watch, Commodore von Hoffmann awarded the Commodores  Cup to Charlie MacMakin, skipper of Mac's Cat.

The  HHPYC Commodore for 1997 was Galen Smith.  The year kicked off with the  popular pizza night, followed by the first boat outing with a luncheon  cruise to Harbour Town, a St. Patrick's dinner dance, a luncheon cruise  to Thunderbolt, the Commodore's Ball, a picnic at Daufuskie, the  ever-popular Dockside cruise in August, a September cookout, a raft  up/dinner at Shillings, and a joint Hilton Head Power Squadron and HHPYC  rain soaked cruise to Charleston, which was a success despite the  weather.  The first issue of "Signal Flags" was published in September.   The year was topped off with the Halloween dinner dance and the Change  of Watch Ball, at which a new award was inaugurated: the "Up The Creek  Paddle", donated by Past Commodore Jerry Darnell, for those boaters who  needed towing assistance.  There have been four recipients to date.  The  club's sailing Championship Series was won by Ann and Chuck Fay aboard  Chinook.  The Commodore's Cup was given to Z. K. Kara for his many  contributions to the HHPYC sailing program.

Gordon  Walker led the club in 1998 as the fifteenth commodore.  Monthly  meetings started with pizza night in January and were interesting  through the year.  The social calendar included the annual St. Patrick's  Day dinner dance and luncheon cruises to Harbour Town, Rivers End  (Thunderbolt) and Dockside (Port Royal).  The Commodore's Ball at the  Hilton Hotel was a great success.  Our sailors sponsored an "Invitation  to Sail", offering any of our landlubber members an opportunity to  experience the handling of a sailboat.  In mid-summer we went to Jekyll  Island, GA, on an overnight - some stayed on their boats while others  put up at the historic Jekyll Island Club.  Fall activities included a  New Orleans Jazz dinner dance, our annual Halloween party, dinner at the  Boathouse Grill and we closed with the annual Change of Watch Ball in  December.  Sail race winners this year were Chuck Fay (1st), Chip Engle  (2nd), and Von von Hoffmann (3rd).  "Up the Creek" paddle recipients  were George Brown, Z. K. Kara, and Galen Smith.  The prestigious  Commodore's Cup was awarded to Galen Smith for his meritorious service  to the club, and a new plaque honoring all past commodores is now  permanently displayed in the Plantation House.  All were saddened by the  loss of Z. K. Kara, our tenth commodore, who contributed tirelessly to  the club.

The Commodore for 1999 was  Dennis Buckley.  The year kicked off with a cruise to Cumberland  Island/Fernandina Beach followed by the St. Patrick's Day Dinner Dance.   The next event was the popular Luncheon Cruise to Harbourtown and then  the inaugural Luncheon Cruise to The Savannah Yacht Club.  The  Invitation to Sail event drew seven boats and twenty "landlubbers" who  experienced a great day of sailing.  The Commodore's Ball at the Hilton  Hotel, and a Cruise to Charleston, held jointly with the Power Squadron,  completed the first half of the year.  Summer activities included a  perfect picnic at Bay Point and the ever popular Luncheon Cruise to  Dockside.  The annual September Cook Out was canceled by Hurricane  Floyd.  Fall activities included an overnight cruise to Beaufort, the  Buffet Dinner at the Boathouse, a shortened cruise to Bohicket and a  Luncheon Cruise to Daufuskie Island.  The annual Change of Watch Ball,  held at the Hilton Hotel, closed out the year's schedule.  The Up The  Creek Paddle was bestowed on Von von Hoffmann.  Ten sail races were held  during the year and the first place winner was Lou Strayer skippering  "Oooh-De-Pain".  Second place was Merle Walker with "Magic" and third  place was Chuck Fay with "Chinook".  The coveted Commodore's Cup was  awarded to John Summers for his tireless efforts in yacht racing and  boating activities.

The millennium year  2000 Commodore was Bob Harrison, who led a very strong board.  The motto  of the board was "if it's fun, let's do it" and fun was had. One of the  board's objectives was to increase the attendance at the General  Meetings.  This was accomplished by having light, interesting meetings  and increasing the level of refreshments following the meeting, i.e.,  ice cream, pies, cheese and crackers, etc.  For the first time, the  membership officer held a wine and cheese party for new members and the  board.  This was highly successful and resulted in many new members  immediately becoming involved in the various programs.  The board  purchased miniature flags to be used on the officers' tables at formal  functions. Also badges were purchased for all board members to wear on  called occasions.  This year the kayak flotilla named the "Plantation  Paddlers" was formed and became active.  Thirteen cruises were held of  which three were overnight.  Attendance at all cruises was greatly  increased by the enthusiastic board members.  The sixteen boats of the  Hilton Head Sailing Association, under the auspices of the HHPYC, had a  very active year, scheduling thirteen races.  Sailing trophies for the  winning captains, awarded at the Change of Watch banquet on December 1,  were:  1st Place:  Paul Capron, 2nd Place:  Von von Hoffmann, and 3rd  Place:  Merle Walker.  The Commodore's Cup was awarded to Allen Moss for  his great contribution to both the sail program and the many cruises.  A  first-time Commodore's Trophy was awarded to Gordon Stone for his long  history of holding responsible positions in the club.  Also presented  for the first time was the Commodore's Hat to the incoming Commodore.   It is intended this tradition be continued.

Walter  Kirk was installed as Commodore for 2001 at the Change of Watch Dinner  Dance. The theme was New Member Involvement, and making HHPYC the most  enjoyable club on the Island. General meetings had record attendance.  The social calendar included the annual St. Patrick's affair, luncheon  cruise to Harbour Town, the Commodore's Ball, luncheon at the Savannah  Yacht Club, Docksider, Savannah Harbor Westin and a dinner at Boathouse  II. Boating events were equally popular with trips to St. Simons/Jekyll  Island, Dataw/Bohicket, Beaufort and Charleston. There was also a fun  raft-up on the May River and an exciting fishing tournament. We started  our first website www.hhpyc.org. Chuck Fay developed and maintained it,  as our webmaster. The September 11 terrorist attack happened on this  watch. HHPYC collected $1300 for the 911 Fireman's Fund; the Governing  Board was invited to the studios of WTOC-TV in Savannah to present the  check to one of Hilton Head's fireman. This donation was then sent to  the New York City Firemen. The Hilton Head Sailing Association had a  very ambitious racing schedule. First Place went to Merle Walker, 2nd  place to Lu Strayer, 3rd place to Bill Sharp. The sailors of our club  sponsored a well-attended Invitation to Sail. The Change of Watch Ball  was held at Sea Pines Convention Center. There the Commodore's Cup was  presented to Bill Sharp for his organizational involvement in the  sailing program. The Commodore's Trophy was awarded to Bob Harrison for  his many years of behind the scene contributions. The Commodore's Hat  was passed on to Allen Moss -keeping with tradition.

2002  was the year of our 20th Anniversary and Allen Moss served as our  Commodore. We had a very enthusiastic board and they were supported by  strong attendance at all of the events they planned. The membership  committee had its¹ reception for the new members and the Board of  Governors resulting in an eager group of new members willing to  participate and help with club events. Our Commodore's Ball was a  celebration of our 20thAnniversary. It was held in May at the Moss Creek  Clubhouse with 11 past commodores as guests of honor. They were  presented with a special Past Commodore's license plate. Our social  events were very well attended. The Mardi Gras and the Hawaiian Luau had  capacity crowds. Our boating events consisted of four overnight trips  and four day trips, all enthusiastically received. Our fishing  event  was popular again and the  fishermen  hope that it will be repeated  twice next year. The sail racing program had a major effort at  rebuilding. Since the number of sail racers had dropped significantly,  four seminars to teach novices racing rules and techniques were  organized by the Fleet Captain Sail. He held an in-the-water seminar  with experienced racers crewing on novices' boats while they practiced  racing starts. As a result, the fall series of races averaged eleven  boats per race. A committee was formed to review the by-laws and a  number of revisions were made including increasing the membership to 160  and adding the immediate Past Commodore to the Board of Governors. At  the Change of Watch, the Commodore's Cup was awarded to Paul Capron for  the tremendous effort he put into the sailing program. The Commodore's  Trophy was made into a perpetual trophy. Since the Commodore's Cup  recognizes contributions to the sailing program, it was felt that  recognition was needed for the contributions to the overall yacht club  program. The new Commodore's Trophy was awarded to Eleanor Bell for the  enthusiasm she generated in making our meetings a lot of fun. The  Commodore's Hat had to be feminized so that it could be passed on to  Lois Wilkinson.

Under the leadership of  Lois Wilkinson, our first female Commodore, the club experienced record  attendance and many interesting programs and events during 2003. A very  dedicated and innovative board provided a number of firsts. Small group  seminars were held on cruising local waters, fishing and sail racing. We  were treated to an interesting evening with Claiborne Young in  February. In addition to our pizza party in January, the group enjoyed a  Sunny Caribbean social in March, a wine tasting in June and a Low  Country Boil in September. Chuck Fay and the board treated the club to a  review of the year¹s activities at our November meeting. Our first  Regatta and Blessing of the Fleet was held on a beautiful day in May  with participation by 120 members. Cruisers went as far south as  Fernandina Beach, FL and as far north as Bald Head Island, NC with the  usual stops in Beaufort, Dataw, Charleston, Savannah, St. Simons and  Jekyll Islands. We were blessed with gorgeous weather for all. Eight  sail races were held and awards presented at two award parties. The  Fishing Event in May was a success with Nancy Davies landing the largest cobia. Luncheons were enjoyed in Harbourtown at the Quarterdeck, at  Port Royal at the Dockside, and at the Savannah Yacht Club. A very  special luncheon cruise was held at Brays Island Plantation. A large  crowd enjoyed a beach party at Bay Point Island. We were joined by the  South Carolina Yacht Club for our weekend at the Beaufort Shrimp  Festival highlighted by a guided tour of Parris Island. A very  enthusiastic membership chairman and committee caused us to reach our  new limit of 160 members with a very large waiting list. We enjoyed the  hospitality of the Moss Creek Country Club for our Commodore's Ball and  held Change of Watch at the beautiful Sea Pines Conference Center. Year  end sail awards were presented : 1st place to Von von Hoffmann, 2nd  place to Bill Sharp and 3rd place to John Dunn. This year the  Commodore's Cup was awarded to Don Correll for his continued support of  the sail racing program and the Commodore's Trophy was awarded to Dave  and Carol Thompson for the wide range of support they offered to the  club's activities. Bob Olmstead was also recognized for his four years  as Treasurer of the club.

With the  installation of Bill Sharp and the 2004 Board of Governors, the aim of  providing fun with varied activities planned to meet the interests of  the members will continue. Bill Sharp was installed as Commodore for  2004 at the Change of Watch Ball in December held at the Sea Pines  Resort.  The year's activities started off with a large turnout at the  January Pizza Party.  Wine tasting in February and the St. Patrick's  Party in March were also very successful. Boating events began with the  Harbour Town Luncheon and Cruise in March and the Sailing events with a  Race day in April.  We also cruised to St. Simon, Jekyll Island and St.  Marys in April and were blessed with warm sunny weather. In May we had  our annual Commodore's Ball at the Moss Creek Club House.  The  Invitation to Sail held in the summer was such a popular event, it was  repeated in the Fall. We kept busy during the summer with the Fishing  contest, Savannah Yacht Club Luncheon Cruise, the cruise to Dataw and  beyond, Port Royal Dockside Luncheon and the very popular Bay Point  Island Picnic.  We were once again blessed with perfect weather and a  huge attendance. In June we held our 2nd annual Blessing of the Fleet  with 18 colorfully decorated vessels passing by Bill Sharp's boat  "Natoma".  This was followed by a Pig and Chicken Roast at the  Plantation House with 120 in attendance.  Awards were given for the Best  Decorated Vessel and Best Attired Crew.  The fall season was kicked off  with a Low Country Shrimp Boil in September followed with the  Octoberfest in October.  There was also a boating event that month with  the Cruise to Beaufort for the Shrimp Festival. This year the club  entered the Computer age by converting our communication from mailing to  E-mailing.  The change was very smooth and has been a dramatic cost  savings for the club.  The year was completed at the Change of Watch  Ball in December held at Moss Creek Club House.  The Commodore's Cup was  awarded to Ed Peterson, Captain of Sail for his work in moving the sail  program in a new direction, meeting the needs of the members.  The  Commodore's Trophy was awarded to Chuck Fay for his many years of  service to the club in a variety of ways. Sadly the year was also marked  by the passing of Von von Hoffman who was Commodore in 1995 and 1996.   Von was instrumental in the development of our Sail program and remained  extremely active to the end.

Tom Tomfohrde was installed as 22nd Commodore of HHPYC at the Change of  Watch in December.  The Club held interesting events each month; 28 in  total throughout 2005.  There were 12 power boat events (with some  sailors participating), 6 sailing events, and 10 social events (on  shore) including 2 formal galas.  Social members participated in most  boating events.  Total attendance in all events was 2108, a new Club  record.  The Commodore's Cup was awarded to Maury Tepper for leading a  record number of power events with record attendance.  The Commodore's  Trophy was awarded to Laura Fine who introduced new technology to  upgrade Club communications, thereby improving quality and achieving  substantial cost savings.

Dick Sell was  installed as Commodore for the year 2006 at the December 2005 Change of  Watch Ball. The Club was especially active this year with record  attendance at most of the events. High fuel prices are keeping some of  the boats close to their home ports but the Club still sponsored boating  events to St Simons and Jekyll Islands and Charleston as well as the  more "local" cruises to Beaufort, Port Royal, Daufuskie Island and  additional ports around Hilton Head. The Board placed a special emphasis  on "small boat" cruises and sponsored a few day cruises to shorter  destinations in order to encourage more boating activities. In addition  to the sailing and cruising activities, the Club had an excellent  complement of social activities with an "around the World" theme.  The  Commodores Cup was awarded to Ben Rush, Fleet Captain of Sail, for his  tireless efforts to organize and encourage the Club's sailing fleet. The  Commodore's Trophy was awarded to Rosanne Ball, Fleet Captain Social,  for her innovative organization of the social activities for this year.

Paul  Koepke was installed as Commodore for the year 2007 at the December  2006 Change of Watch Ball.  The year was a very special one for the  HHPYC as it was our 25th anniversary year.  The events were many during  the year and member attendance was at a new high.  The Board gave  special consideration to communicating these events to the membership by  enlisting the help of the telephone committee and the use of repetitive  e-mails.  The Club sponsored a number of boat cruises during the year  to destinations including Harbour Town, Daufuskie, Dockside, Palmetto  Bay Marina, Beaufort Shrimp Festival, Charleston, St. Simons Island and a  small boat raft-up behind Pickney Island.  Additionally there were many  social and sailing events during the year including the Ya-Gotta  Regatta.  The theme for the Commodores Ball was the 25th anniversary of  the HHPYC.  At the December Change of Watch Ball the Commodores Cup was  awarded to Dick Sell for his participation and leadership in many  boating events and the Commodores Trophy was awarded to Barbara Nowacek  for her hard work and well organized participation as Membership  Officer.  A plaque was awarded to Whitey Johnson, recognizing his 25  years of club membership as a founding member of the Club.

The  “hat” was passed to Commodore Ed Peterson in December, 2007, at the  Change of  Watch Ball.  In February, 140 members gathered at Hudson’s  for shrimp soup and appetizers, and a program put on by the restaurant  manager and their shrimp boat captain.  In March, the boating season  began with Bloody Mary’s under the “Old Oak Tree.” Lunch at the Quarter  Deck was attended by 130 people. In May, the Headliners were featured at  the Commodore’s Ball.  Also, in May, the sailing fleet went to Walburg  Creek for an overnight and a great raft up dinner.  In June, the trip to  Jekyll Island and St Simons was enjoyed by 4 sailboats and 4 power  boats.  In July, an overnight to Bull Creek and a luncheon to Up the  Creek Restaurant were attended by both sailing and power vessels.  The  Dockside seafood luncheon in August was superb.  156 members  attended.    Invitation to sail in September was marked by beautiful  weather. In October, 80 people came to Beaufort to join the boaters for a  cocktail party to celebrate the end of the boating season and attend  the annual Shrimp Festival.  The October General Meeting included a Low  Country Boil dinner.  Many people helped to make this a great year.   During the Change of Watch, the Commodore’s Cup was awarded to Marty  Slagowitz, Sailing Fleet Captain, for his careful organization and  innovative plans.  The Commodore’s Trophy was temporarily renamed “the  no glass left unfilled award” and given to Terry McPherson, Fleet  Lieutenant Social, for his dedication and hard work in buying and  delivering beverages to every meeting for the past two years.   We ended  the year solvent and with 30 social applications for entry into the  club.  2009 should be another great year.

The  Change of Watch Ball was held at the Sea Pines Conference Center in  December 2008.  Maury Tepper was installed as the Commodore for 2009.   Our 27th year commenced with a Pizza Party in January which was well  attended.  We welcomed our new members with a cocktail party at Dolphin  Head in March.  In all, there were 32 events during the year, which kept  us busy enjoying our boats and the camaraderie of the members.   For  the Southern cruise to St. Simons Island, we had a very successful “land  package” for those who did not go by boat.  We stayed at the Village  Inn and Pub and enjoyed touring the island, socializing, and enjoying  dinner.  We had another successful “land package” in June for the  Northern cruise to Charleston.  The Marriott Courtyard at Ashley River  was our headquarters and we had a choice of restaurants for dinner.   Fleet Captain Sail was John Shkor, who ably presided over several  enjoyable sailing events.  The Commodore's Ball in May was a sold out  event at the Country Club of Hilton Head  and once again The Headliners  provided the music.  In May we cruised to Palmetto Bay and lunched at  the  Yacht Club of Hilton Head's clubhouse.  In July we cruised up Broad  Creek and lunched at San Miguel's restaurant.  The luncheon at the  Dockside restaurant in Port Royal was as popular as ever and was greatly  enjoyed by all.  September saw us cruising to Jack Rowe Island (a  private island) for a catered lunch in their pavilion.  Everyone enjoyed  this special event.  At the November general meeting, a special plaque  was presented to Chuck Fay for his many years of service to the club in  creating and maintaining our web site.  The Change of Watch Ball  took  place at The Westin Resort in early December.  We enjoyed a delicious  meal and the music of Tommy Beaumont's band.   The Commodore's Cup was  awarded to Steve Schwab, who had served as Fleet Captain Power for two  years and did an excellent job in planning and carrying out many boating  events.  The Commodore's Trophy was awarded to Nancy Correll,  Membership Chairman  She also served  as photographer and publicity  Chairman.

The Change of Watch Ball was  held in December 2009 at the Westin Resort, with Maury Tepper handing  over the commodore’s hat to Mike Finnerty for 2010. The 2010 activities  began with a full house for the annual pizza party at the Plantation  House, the first of 29 meetings and events during the year. New members  were formally welcomed at a board and new member party at Dolphin Head  in March featuring Lowcountry shrimp and barbecue prepared by Don and  Nancy Correll. The March general meeting featured music by the new  Hilton Head Jazz Ensemble, whose performers include several Yacht Club  members. Blessed by a great day, the annual cruise to Harbourtown for  bloody marys and lunch attracted several boats and the usual large crowd  who drove to the event. The Southern Cruise to St. Simons Island in  April attracted several boaters to the Golden Isles Marina and more  members who drove down for the dock party and dining. Tours and  overnights on St. Catherine’s and Sapelo Islands enhanced the experience  for some, while an extended cruise to St. Augustine was enjoyed by  others. Commodore Mike Finnerty was honored at the annual Commodore’s  Ball held May 6 at the Crowne Plaza. Music was again provided by the  Headliners. Good weather made for good participation and good  competition in the annual Fishing Contest. Many boats turned out for the  Blessing of the Fleet June 6, and the day was capped by the annual Pig  Roast at the Plantation House. The Northern Cruise brought boaters and  driving members to Mt. Pleasant for a two-day stay at Charleston Harbor  Marina. Some boaters made stops at Edisto and Bohicket to break up the  trip. July featured several boating activities, including a luncheon  cruise to Port Royal Marina. In August, the Dockside Luncheon Cruise  again attracted a full house. The fall season began with the annual Low  Country Boil at which Sail Captain Ben Rush was awarded the Up the Creek  Without a Paddle Trophy for getting his anchor stuck on a sunken shrimp  boat. September’s Invitation to Sail had several boats and enough wind  for a good sail. The cruise to the Beaufort Shrimp Festival drew a good  crowd for the Friday dinner and a capacity crowd for the Saturday dock  party. The Extended Southern Cruise in October had only three boats, but  featured fabulous weather and an unexpected encounter with a submarine  and its armed escort boats. The Change of Watch Ball was held at Sea  Pines Country Club and featured a great meal and music by Permanent  Tourist. The Commodore’s Trophy was awarded to Bob Gackenbach for  stepping up to be Beverage Officer in mid-season. Fleet Captain Power  Roger Benning received the Commodore’s Cup for his stellar work in  organizing many of the year’s events. 

Commodore  Marty Slagowitz and his board were installed at the annual Change of  Watch Ball, Dec. 7, 2010, at the Sea Pines Country Club. Members enjoyed  the site so much that the 2011 Change of Watch was also held there.  With the new commodore stressing participation, the year got off to a  roaring start with 199 people at the traditional pizza party in January,  the first of 28 meetings and events for 2011. Programs on Hilton Head’s  drinking water in February and loggerhead turtles in April were well  received, as was the St. Patrick’s Day party in March. The boating  season kicked off with 13 boats and 100 members participating in the  Harbour Town Luncheon Cruise for Bloody Marys and lunch. The Southern  Cruise to St. Simons in April attracted 12 boats. An elegant Commodore’s  Ball at the Country Club of Hilton Head followed in May, with guests  enjoying a great meal and dancing to the Headliners. With a new week-long  format, May’s Fishing Contest attracted more boats and more fishermen  than in recent years.  Nineteen boats paraded past Commodore Marty’s  boat, Equinox, in the Blessing of the Fleet in early June; the Pig Roast  was successful as usual. The Northern Cruise in June attracted 6 boats,  with twenty members attending the dinner at SNOB in Charleston. June  and July also featured lunch cruises to Shelter Cove and Port Royal. The  August luncheon at Dockside attracted 6 boats and a healthy crowd. The  fall season began with Jimmy Fitts catering the popular Lowcountry Boil.  A few days later, 5 sailors hosted non-sailors for the Invitation to  Sail. The October meeting featured a dinner followed by a talk on sharks  that inhabit local waters. At the Change of Watch Ball, Jim Donham was  awarded the Commodore’s Trophy for his diligent and dedicated work for  the good of the club. Jim Ackerman was awarded the Commodore’s Cup for  his efforts in guiding the power fleet and cruising events with  exceptional execution.

Commodore Steve  Schwab and the 2012 board were installed at the annual Change of Watch  Ball Dec. 6, 2011 at the Country Club of Hilton Head. The Club year got  off to a great start with 131 people attending the annual January pizza  party and Commodore quiz, the first of 27 meetings and events. The March  program about Hilton Head during the Civil War and the April program on  sailing in the Mediterranean were well attended and well received, as  was the St. Patrick’s Day dinner in March. In a new twist for 2012, the  annual luncheon/Bloody Mary cruise was moved from Harbour Town to  Windmill Harbor. The event featured fantastic weather, a beautiful and  welcoming venue and a sellout crowd. A successful Southern Cruise to St.  Simons was followed by the Commodore’s Ball at the Country Club of  Hilton Head. The ball featured music by the Headliners and more casual  “yacht club” attire. The Fishing Contest was a big success, with some  large fish caught. June began with the annual Blessing of the Fleet,  with about 20 boats, followed by a pig roast attended by 115 people. The  annual Northern Cruise to Charleston included a record crowd. Other  summer events included a notable sailboat race to the “goalposts”, a  lunch at Captain Woody’s and the annual luncheon at Dockside in Port  Royal. The fall season began in traditional fashion with Jimmy Fitts  catering the popular Lowcountry Boil at the Plantation House. A few days  later, five sailors hosted 18 non-sailors for the Invitation to Sail.  The October meeting featured a presentation on whales and sharks by club  member Bob Mackenzie, and the November Year in Review meeting included a  pizza party.  During the year, the Ships Store was put on line, the  Club’s website was upgraded, and several new boating members were  installed.  At the Change of Watch Ball, again at the Country Club,  Steve awarded the 2012 Commodore’s Trophy to Treasurer Dean Carroll for  his diligent and dedicated work on getting the Club’s finances in order  during the year. Sail Fleet Captain Sharon Peterson received the  Commodore’s Cup for achieving unprecedented participation in Sail events  and for guiding the sail fleet through a busy and successful year.  Sailors John Shkor and Bill and Mary Frances Peery received mention for  sailing through two “named” storms this season.  The evening progressed  with the installation of 2013 Commodore Roger Benning and his slate of  officers, followed by dancing. The year finished with 145 members  consisting of 55 powerboat, 25 sailboat and 65 social members.

Commodore  Roger Benning and the rest of the 2013 board were installed at the  annual Change of Watch Ball Dec. 4, 2012, at the Country Club of Hilton  Head. The Club year got off to a great start with a full house for a  potluck supper at the January meeting, a successful departure from the  traditional opening pizza party. The February meeting featured food from  the Skull Creek Boathouse and an excellent program on dolphins by  Carlos Chacon of the Coastal Discovery Museum. A large group of new  members were welcomed at a reception at the Spring Lake Pavilion in  March. Another new vendor, Kelly’s Tavern, provided great food for the  St. Patrick’s Day dinner in March. A magician provided entertainment.  The annual luncheon/Bloody Mary cruise in March kicked off the boating  season and moved back to Harbour Town after a year at Windmill Harbor.  The April meeting featured food from Mi Tierra and an interesting  program on tides and reefs. A successful Southern Cruise to St. Simons  was followed by the Commodore’s Ball at the Country Club of Hilton Head.  The ball featured music by the Headliners and more casual “yacht club”  attire. The Fishing Contest was a big success. June began with 18 boats  participating in the annual Blessing of the Fleet on a beautiful day,  followed by a pig roast by Jimmy Fitts at the Spring Lake Pavilion. The  annual Northern Cruise to Charleston was a success. Other summer events  included a sailboat race, a sail to Daufuskie Island for lunch at the  Old Daufuskie Crab Co., and the fabulous annual luncheon at Dockside in  Port Royal. The fall season began in nontraditional fashion with a fun  boat-making contest, with boats load-tested in the pool with six 6-packs  of beer, followed by an hors d’oeuvre party at Spring Lake Pavilion.  The club had a good contingent at the Beaufort Shrimpfest. Members  enjoyed a dinner at the Breakwater Restaurant and a traditional dock  party the next night. The October meeting featured an Oktoberfest meal  from the Skull Creek Boathouse that was served on china plates with real  tableware instead of plastic. Sailors braved temperatures in the 40s  for an overnight trip to Thunderbolt and dinner at Tubby’s in late  October. The November Year in Review meeting again included a pizza  party. At the Change of Watch Ball on Dec. 3, again at the Country Club,  Roger awarded the 2013 Commodore’s Trophy to Membership Officer Steve  Schlader for his dedicated work on increasing club membership during the  year. Social Fleet Captain Sue Crespan received the Commodore’s Cup for  arranging a great variety of programs for the general meetings and  bringing them in under budget. The evening progressed with the  installation of 2014 Commodore Jim Ackerman and his slate of officers,  followed by dancing.

Commodore Jim  Ackerman and the rest of the 2014 board were installed at the annual  Change of Watch Ball Dec. 3, 2013, at the Country Club of Hilton Head.  The Club year got off to a great start with a full house for a potluck  supper at the January meeting.

The February meeting featured food  from the Skull Creek Boathouse and an excellent program by Cathy Sakas,  education director at NOAA’s Gray’s Reef National Marine Sanctuary. New  members were welcomed at a reception at the Spring Lake Pavilion in  March. Kelly’s Tavern again provided great food for the St. Patrick’s  Day dinner in March. The annual luncheon/Bloody Mary cruise April 3 at  Windmill Harbor kicked off the boating season after a year at Harbour  Town. The April meeting featured food from Wise Guys and a riveting  presentation by Dick Erler and Aubrey Vaughn on their adventures during a  sail to Bermuda.

A successful Southern Cruise to St. Simons  Island ended with some boaters going on to Fernandina Beach, St.  Augustine and Jekyll Island. The annual Commodore’s Ball was held at the  Sonesta Resort and featured music by the Fabulous Classics and more  casual “yacht club” attire. The Sail Fleet had a day sail to Daufuskie  Island and an overnight sail to Beaufort. The month ended with the  annual afternoon Blessing of the Fleet followed by an evening pig roast  by Jimmy Fitts at the Plantation House. The annual Northern Cruise to  Charleston was a success with four boats involved. Several members drove  to Charleston for the dinner at the Leaf Café and the annual dock  party. Other summer events included a sail to the Black Marlin for lunch  and the fabulous annual luncheon at Dockside in Port Royal, which  attracted 79 members.

The fall season began with a  tailgate-themed meeting catered by One Hot Mamas and an entertaining  program on sharks in the Lowcountry by biologist Tom Murphy. The club  had a good contingent at the Beaufort Shrimpfest with members enjoying  dinner at the Wren Bistro and a traditional dock party the next night.  The October meeting featured an Oktoberfest meal from the Skull Creek  Boathouse. Annual election results were announced. Sailors stayed close  to home for an overnight trip to Beaufort and dinner at Wren Bistro in  late October. The November Year in Review meeting again included a pizza  party and a slide show of the year’s activities. The Change of Watch  Ball on Dec. 2 was held again at the Country Club of Hilton Head with  music by the Headliners.

Commodore Jim Ackerman awarded the 2014  Commodore’s Trophy to Bill and Lisa Ennis for outstanding work on Power  events. Frank Mangan and Tony Ferrari received the Commodore’s Cup for  excellent contributions as Beverage Officers. The evening progressed  with the installation of 2015 Commodore Sandy Koepke and her slate of  officers, followed by dancing.

Commodore  Sandy Koepke and the rest of the 2015 board were installed at the  annual Change of Watch Ball Dec. 8, 2014 at the Country Club of Hilton  Head. The occasion marked the first time in club history that both  husband and wife have served as commodore of HHPYC. Paul Koepke was  commodore in 2007.

The year began with a potluck supper and a  program by Dave Harter, director of the Port Royal Foundation Maritime  Center, about the center and Port Royal Sound. The February meeting  featured desserts and a program on horseshoe crabs by Carlos Chacon of  the Coastal Discovery Museum. New members were welcomed at a reception  March 8 at the Spring Lake Pavilion. The St. Patrick’s meeting in March  featured food from Kelly’s Tavern and a program by member Heidi Fearon  about her harrowing experience of having her boat sink 200 miles  offshore with a film of her being rescued by the Coast Guard. The annual  luncheon and Bloody Mary cruise March 26 at Windmill Harbour got the  boating season off to a great start. A sail race and dock party were  held April 13 followed by an appetizer night with a talk by Tom Murphy  on bald eagles.

April also featured the annual Southern Cruise to  Jekyll Island, Ga. Five boats and about 40 people enjoyed a traditional  dock party April 21 and a dinner April 22 at Latitude 31. The  Commodore’s Ball was held May 7 at the Golf Club at Indigo Run with 94  attending. Great food and good music by the Hollywood Band made for a  wonderful evening at that new venue. A few days later, eight sailboats  went to Daufuskie for a buffet lunch at Freeport followed by an  overnight anchor out. The annual Blessing of the Fleet moved to an  earlier date, May 16, so the club could have Jimmy Fitts for the evening  pig roast. May concluded with and overnight sail cruise to Dataw Island  and Beaufort.

Then bad luck started to crop up. Weather canceled  a couple of sails, and the always popular seafood buffet set for Aug. 6  at Dockside in Port Royal was canceled when the restaurant was damaged  by a fire at the seafood processing plant next door and had to close. A  highlight of August was Ed and Sharon Peterson marking their 500th sail  since they bought their boat Carolina 15 years ago.

The Fall  season got off to a good start with a program by Tonya Hudson of  Hudson’s on the Docks on the history of shrimping on Hilton Head,  followed by samples of Hudson’s recipes. Bad luck arrived again, as the  Beaufort Shrimp Festival was wiped out by the floods that devastated  much of South Carolina. Bad luck continued later in the month when high  winds and small craft warnings forced cancellation of the annual  Northern Cruise to Charleston, for which Bill Knight had arranged a  great itinerary. Some members went for a dinner in Beaufort and at least  one went to Charleston anyway. The October general meeting featured a  Lowcountry Boil by Jimmy Fitts. The November Year-in-Review meeting  featured the usual slide show of the year’s events and an Italian dinner  catered by Bella Italia.

The Change of Watch Ball was held Dec. 8  at the Country Club of Hilton Head, again with music by the Headliners.  New Commodore Sharon Peterson and the rest of the 2016 board were sworn  in, marking the second time in club history that a husband and wife  both were commodores. Ed Peterson was commodore in 2008. Sandy Koepke  presented the Commodore’s Trophy to Secretary Sue Donham for being her  “rock” during the year. She awarded the Commodore’s Cup to Bill Knight,  Fleet Captain Sail, for his work with the Sail Fleet.

Commodore  Sharon Peterson and the rest of the2016 board were installed at the  annual Change of Watch Ball Dec. 2, 2015, at the Country Club of Hilton  Head. Outgoing Commodore Sandy Koepke presented the Commodore’s Trophy  to Secretary Sue Donham for being her “rock” during the year. She  awarded the Commodore’s Cup to Bill Knight, Fleet Captain Sail, for his  work with the Sail Fleet.

It  turned out to be a two-part year. The first half was pretty normal,  with good meetings and good boating and dining events. Terrific heat and  Tropical Storm Hermine took a toll on several summer boating events and  Hurricane Matthew ended the year by damaging or destroying many club  boats. Damage to many club boating destinations will be a challenge for  2017 event planners.
The year began with a free pizza party that  attracted a capacity crowd of 130 members. February brought us to a  potluck supper and a hilarious program of members describing their funny  and unusual boating experiences. Past Commodore Paul Koepke stole the  show with his tale of his boating trip to Canada. The March meeting on  the real St. Patrick’s Day featured a meal from Reilley’s and a neat  program by Chip Michalov, who tags sharks in Port Royal Sound. New  members were welcomed at a reception March 6 at the Spring Lake  Pavilion.
Getting the club boating season off to a great start March  31 was the annual luncheon and Bloody Mary cruise/drive to a new  destination – the Savannah Yacht Club. April began with sailors going on  a shakedown cruise. The April meeting featured a dinner from Kelly’s  Tavern and a program by club members Jim and Carol Alberto on their  experiences while they taught school for nine years on Daufuskie Island.  At the end of April, 45 members participated in the Southern Rendezvous  at St Simons Island. Nine boats made the trip, including six sailboats.
May  activities began with the Commodore’s Ball honoring Commodore Sharon  Peterson and her husband, Ed, on the 5th at the Country Club of Hilton  Head. Music was provided by the Hollywood Band. A week later boaters  headed to Freeport on Daufuskie Island for lunch at the Old Daufuskie  Crab House. June activities began with the annual Blessing of the Fleet  June 4 followed in the evening by the traditional pig roast catered by  Jimmy Fitts. The annual Northern Rendezvous to Charleston was held June  15-16 featuring dinners at Water’s Edge on Shem Creek and at Leaf  Restaurant in Charleston. A great luncheon trip to the South Carolina  Yacht Club in Windmill Harbour on July 7 replaced the traditional  luncheon cruise to the Dockside Restaurant in Port Royal, which never  reopened after being damaged in a fire the year before.

On  August 10, a half dozen boats and 40 people ventured to the Port Royal  Sound Foundation Maritime Center for a self-guided tour of the facility,  a presentation by one of the docents and a lunch from Joe Love’s  Lobster. Later in the month, the five power boaters and friends who  motored to Daws Island for a picnic and raft-up were blessed with  beautiful weather and had a great time. The September meeting starting  our fall activities featured a great talk by the new commander of the  U.S. Coast Guard Air Station in Savannah. One Hot Mama’s served a  delicious meal. The turnout for the annual trip to the Beaufort  Shrimpfest was lower than usual, with only three boats, but all  participants enjoyed the dock party and the dinner at the Breakwater  Restaurant.
The whole story of October was Hurricane Matthew. It  postponed our October meeting. It spared our boats docked in Windmill  Harbour and dry stored at Hilton Head Boathouse, but destroyed or  damaged many others berthed elsewhere. In November, we had our annual  Year in Review meeting, with dinner from G.W. Southern Catering and  Barbecue, which had been scheduled for October.

The  Change of Watch Ball with a Winter Wonderland theme was held Dec. 6 at  the Country Club of Hilton Head, with the usual great music by the  Headliners. New Commodore Bill Ennis and his suite of officers were  sworn in. Outgoing Commodore Sharon Peterson awarded the Commodore’s  Trophy to Roger and Linda Benning and Juergen and Madeleine Thiessen for  their work in providing photos of club events. She awarded the  Commodore’s Cup to Jim Ackerman for his stellar work with the Power  Fleet.


The  Change of Watch Ball with a Winter Wonderland theme was held Dec. 6,  2016, at the Country Club of Hilton Head, with a great meal and the  usual outstanding music by the Headliners. New Commodore Bill Ennis and  his suite of officers were sworn in.
The club year 2017 got going  Jan.19 with the traditional free pizza party served up by members of the  Board of Governors. Nearly 120 attended. At the Feb. 16 general  meeting, Larry Toomer of Bluffton gave a fascinating talk on crabbing in  the Lowcountry. The Toomer family restaurant, Bluffton Seafood House,  provided an excellent meal after the talk.

March  began with a New Member Reception welcoming six new boating members and  thirteen social members who got to meet the board, learn about planned  activities and enjoy delicious hors d’oeuvres provided by board members.  The March general meeting featured corned beef and cabbage etc. from  Kelly’s Tavern and a presentation on beach renourishment by Scott  Liggett, the town’s director of public projects and facilities. The  month ended with the first boating function of the year, a lunch trip to  the Savannah Yacht Club on Wilmington Island in Savannah. Two sailboats  from our Matthew-depleted fleet and one power boat made the trip. The  rest of the three dozen attendees drove.

For  the April meeting, members were treated to a fascinating talk by Geoff  Wheatley about his experiences in organizing the Canadian Olympic  Sailing Team. Skull Creek Boathouse topped off the meeting with a  delicious meal. The end of April brought the Southern Rendezvous at  Golden Isle Marina in St. Simons, GA. The event featured the traditional  dock party on Wednesday and dinner at Delaney’s Bistro on Thursday.

On  May 11, the annual Commodore’s Ball, with a theme of “Welcome Home --  Making Matthew a Memory,” honored Commodore Bill Ennis and his wife,  Lisa. The Country Club of Hilton Head provided a fine meal and the  Hollywood Band contributed enjoyable music. For May 18 the Sail Fleet  arranged a lunch trip to the Old Daufuskie Crab Company at Freeport  Marina on Daufuskie Island. Several boaters rafted up in Bull Creek  afterward and spent the night. June began with the annual Blessing of  the Fleet at midday June 3, followed by the traditional and excellent  Jimmy Fitts-catered pig roast at the Plantation House. On June 13  &14, the Northern Rendezvous brought members to the Charleston  Harbor Resort, where participants enjoyed a dock party on Tuesday and a  dinner at the Charleston Harbor Fish House on Wednesday.

In July,  members went to the South Carolina Yacht Club in Windmill Harbour,  enjoying Bloody Marys on the deck before the club’s usual delicious  lunch. At the end of the month, several hardy members turned out on a  rainy day for a lunch at Up the Creek Pub at the Board Creek Marina. On  Aug. 9, a small group enjoyed lunch at Buffalo’s Restaurant in Palmetto  Bluff. In September, a two-day trip to Beaufort was postponed when the  area was evacuated by Hurricane Irma. The September general meeting  featured a virtual tour of the waterways and marshes of the Lowcountry  by marine biologist Amber Kuehn, owner of Spartina Marine Education  Charters, followed by a meal from One Hot Mama’s.

On Oct. 19,  Mike Majer, owner of Majer’s Diving and Salvage, gave a fascinating  presentation of his company’s removing the cruise ship Spirit of Harbour  Town from the marsh where it was driven by Hurricane Irma. A delicious  meal from Annie O’s Southern Kitchen finished the meeting. The two-day  trip to Beaufort postponed by Irma was held Nov. 1 & 2. The first  day took members to the Parris Island Marine base to view the Santa  Elena Monument and the Marine Corps Museum and then the Dockside  Restaurant on St. Helena Island for dinner. The next day, members went  to the Santa Elena Museum for a tour, followed by lunch at Blackstone’s  restaurant. The annual Year in Review meeting Nov. 16 featured a slide  show of the year’s activities and a dinner from Street Meet American  Takeout and Tavern. 2017 ended with the annual Change of Watch Ball at  the Country Club of Hilton Head. New Commodore A.J. Ferrari and his  suite of officers were sworn in. Outgoing Commodore Bill Ennis awarded  the Commodore’s Cup to Rick Sauers for his outstanding work in planning  and running boating events and the Commodore’s Trophy to JoAnn Westover  for her excellent job in organizing our monthly dinner meetings. In all,  103 members enjoyed the Country Club’s meal and music by the  Headliners.


The  Change of Watch Ball was held Dec 8, 2017 at the Country Club of Hilton  Head, with a great meal and the usual outstanding music of the  Headliners. The new Commodore A. J. Ferrari and his suite of officers  were sworn in to serve as the leadership for the Yacht Club for 2018.

2018  got going Jan with the review of the boating and social events for the  year followed by the traditional free pizza party served by members of  the Board of Governors.  At the Feb general meeting, Capt. Chip  Michalove “The Shark Whisperer” spoke about finding and tagging Great  White Sharks off HHI. He showed his videos of up close and personal  encounters with these giant apex predators. March began with a New  Members Reception welcoming new boating and social members who got to  meet the board, learn about planned activities and enjoy hors d’oeuvres  provided by the board members. The March general meeting featured a St Patrick’s corned beef and cabbage  dinner from Kelly’s Tavern and a presentation by Rich Thomas on The  Spanish settlement of Santa Elena located on Parris Island which was 150  years prior to the establishment of English Jamestown.  The month ended  with the first boating event of the year to Jekyll Island.  Two sail  boats departed and got as far South as the Isle of Hope, overnighted and  then turned back to HHI because of the pending storms.  They spent the  next night at Skull Creek at the dock in the storm.  Despite the weather  a small group of the club members did drive to Jekyll Island and had a  dock party and a wonderful dinner the next night at the Westin Hotel. The  April general meeting featured snacks and a speaker.  Jody Haywood,  director of the Port Royal Sound Maritime Center, and one of her  naturalists spoke on the ecosystem of the sound and other waters around  Hilton Head. Apr 25 was a boating lunch to Daufuskie Island and the  Freeport Marina.  Some members rented golf carts and explored the  island.
May 22 was the annual Commodore’s Ball honoring Commodore  A. J. Ferrari and Lady Kitty. The Country Club of Hilton Head provided a  fine meal and the Hollywood Band combined enjoyable music with 100  members in attendance.  
June 2 began with the annual Blessing of  the Fleet with the sail and power fleets gathering in Port Royal Sound  and then being blessed by Reverend Mark Brinkmann from the Commodore’s  boat docked at  Seabrook Landing dock in Skull Creek. This was followed  by a fabulous Pig Roast at the Plantation House provided by Jimmy Fitts.
July  12 was the outstanding boating event to the South Caroline Yacht Club  in Windmill Harbor, enjoying Bloody Mary’s on the dock before the club’s  usual delicious lunch.
Sep  20 was the general meeting with snacks and Rich Thomas as the speaker  for a second time this year.  His presentation was on the notable  pirates that frequented Port Royal Sound and their remarkable customs  and practices during the Golden Age of Piracy in our local waters.
Oct  18 was the general meeting with an Octoberfest theme dinner provided by  Annie O’s and speaker Cathy Sacks, a NOAA Marine Biologist.  She spoke  on the ecology of the reefs off Hilton Head Island and the critters that  live on the reefs and showed underwater video of the reefs.
Nov 15 was the general meeting and the Year in Review featuring the highlight photos of the club events.
2018  ended with the annual Change of Watch Ball at The Country Club of  Hilton Head.  New Commodore Bill Knight and his suite of officers were  sworn in.   Outgoing Commodore A. J. Ferrari awarded the Commodore’s Cup  to Juergen Theissen for his outstanding photographic coverage of all  the club events.


Another year in the storied history of Hilton Head Plantation Yacht Club past where the club focused on safe boating, exploring the low country waterways, hanging out with kindred spirits and having fun.

The Change of Watch Ball was held on December 13 with more than 100 members celebrating the culmination of another year’s boating and social activities at the Country Club of Hilton Head, featuring the ever-popular Headliner. The new Commodore Bill Knight and his suit of officers were sworn in to serve as the Leadership for HHPYC for 2019. 

The annual Pizza Party January 17 kicked off the year along with a review of the boating and social club events for the year. In February in keeping with the increased focus on boating safety the first speaker for the year was Randy Phillips and Paul Golden from the US Coast Guard Auxiliary. They shared with us an informative history of the Coast Guard and the Auxiliary along with their on-going mission to support boating safety in South Carolina waters.

On March 12-13 the first boating event for the year was held with an overnight boating trip to the Beaufort Downtown Marina where a dock party was enjoyed by those by boat along or came by car. Later in the month HHPYC held their first annual Old fashion Oyster Roast and Low Country Boil, plus pulled pork, presented by the Bluffton Oyster Company at Plantation House. This event was also very well attended, participants worked diligently on enjoying the oysters until the last one was shucked! As always with HHPYC events there was plenty of food and an opportunity for socializing. 

At our April General Meeting we had three excellent speakers share their passion for salt water fishing in the low country. Captain Steve Zugan who operates https://www.alwaysanglingcharter.com out of Skull Creek Marina and the co-owners of http://www.southerndrawloutfitters.com Paul Duffey and Will Stephens where they shared their knowledge of the equipment required to fish offshore and in the Intracoastal Waters (ICW) and some of the skills needed to be successful. 

We had three events in the month of May; Blessing of the Fleet, a community event at Skull Creek Marina; an overnight boating trip to Isle of Hope; and the General Meeting with Jimmy Fitts Old Fashion South Carolina Pig Roast (fittsjimmy@yahoo.com), all with excellent turn out. The Blessing of the Fleet was cosponsored by Skull Creek Marina along with participants from Hilton Head Sail and Power Squadron, Freedom Boat Club and the Auxiliary Coast Guard. In total 14 boats were blessed and over 100 people enjoyed the pot luck dock party afterwards. 

In June we had our annual trip to Daufuskie Island Freeport Marina and the legendary Old Daufuskie Crab Company restaurant for their famed deviled crab and others! 

In August with a small craft advisory, never mind a mandatory hurricane evacuation on the horizon, so we postponed our overnight boating trip to Beaufort and moved it to September where the weather cooperated and a good time was had by all at lunch, at the dock and later at a local restaurant. 

The September general meeting had an informative talk from Erin Levesque, Director of the Waddell Mariculture Center. Of note is the work they do to stock red drum and other local fish along with the genetic testing that enables them to determine whether fish that are caught are wild or part of their release program.

The October general meeting included a Spanish Paella dinner presented by Fire and Rice of the Low Country (http://lowcountry.fireandrice.us). This event was a huge success and will be repeated in 2020. 

In October there was a lunch cruise to the Fishcamp Restaurant at Port Royal SC with some members going by boat while others choosing to travel by car. 

Our annual Potluck Dinner on 21 November was a great opportunity to share all our boating stories and mingle with old friends and meet new members. The food was outstanding with a magnificent cornucopia of croissants, casseroles of all flavors and tasty boozy bites to finish!

The Yacht Club capped the 2019 year by celebrating with the theme, “Starry Starry Night,” at the annual Change of Watch Ball on December 12 at the Country Club of Hilton Head. Members enjoyed fine dining and dancing in the twinkling Club Room to perennial favorites, The Headliners. 

Outgoing Commodore, Bill Knight, passed the traditional black tricorn hat to 2020 Commodore, Rick Sauers, who wore it with a dignity befitting the gala occasion. The annual Commodores Trophy was awarded to John Dunn, and the Commodores Cup was awarded to Doug Kampfer. The “Up the Creek Paddle” award was reintroduced and bestowed upon Steve Schwab, who earned this honor for maritime misadventures requiring assistance (i.e., electrical trouble-shooting) from other club members. The paddle is to be maintained for emergency use and cherished by the recipient until such time as another member qualifies. 

HHYPC provides a great avenue to connect with people within the Plantation who have a passion for boating, sail or power, so that you can boat with others, or join fellow members who have boats, to explore the low country waterways and interesting destinations. There is always an opportunity during the outings to socialize with a pot-luck dock party or dropping in at a local restaurant!