ARTICLE I  Meetings

Section 1  The Hilton Head Plantation Yacht Club, Inc., founded in 1982, shall  hold regular meetings and plan boat fleet events in order to promote  good fellowship among the members.  All members of the Club are expected  to participate actively in the Club activities and/or events and be  willing to contribute their talents and skills for the continued success  of the Club.

Section 2  The secretary shall call a special meeting at the direction of the Commodore, or upon the request of seven (7) members.

Section 3  Twenty five (25) percent of the voting membership, in person or by  proxy, will constitute a quorum for the transaction of business at any  meeting.  Voting privileges consist of one (1) vote per paid membership.  (Either one per family or individual membership as appropriate)

Section 4  The Annual Meeting shall be the last regularly scheduled meeting prior  to the annual dinner and change of watch. The date shall be set by the  Board of Governors.

Section 5  All notices for  special meetings shall be sent to every member at least fifteen (15)  days prior thereto but thirty (30) days prior to annual meetings. All  regular meetings shall be posted in the “Schedule of Events” distributed  to the membership.

ARTICLE II Membership
Section 1  All  members of the Club must reside in Hilton Head Plantation.  There shall  be two classes of members – Boating and Social. Boating members shall  be either (a) individuals who own a registered or US documented boat  which is maintained in the Hilton Head Island area or waters,  or (b)  individuals who have the contractual right for a minimum of three years,  to the use of a registered or US documented boat in the local waters  and the boat is available for their use not less than one hundred twenty  (120) days in each calendar year, or (c)  Individuals who own at least a  one third interest in a registered or US documented boat which is  maintained in the Hilton Head Island area or waters.  

Social  members are those either (1) who own and maintain a boat outside of the  Hilton Head Island area or waters or (2) who are presently not boat  owners but who have had previous boating experience.   The Initiation  fee and annual dues will be set by the Board of Governors as they deem  necessary.  The spouse and children who are at least twelve (12) and  less than twenty-five (25) years of age and who reside with and are  dependent on a member may enjoy the privileges of membership.  The Club  membership fiscal year is January 1 through December 31.  Club dues are  due December I of the year preceding the membership year.  Both  classifications of membership are expected to support and to participate  in the activities of the Club.

Section 2  Each  candidate for membership must be proposed in writing to the Membership  Officer by one member and seconded by another member.  Application forms  for membership will be forwarded to the proposed candidate by the  Membership Officer.  The proposed candidate will complete the form and  return it to the Membership Officer for action.  The Board of Governors  shall give priority to boat owners.  No more than one owner per boat  will be considered for Boating Membership.

Each candidate for  membership in the Club shall be reviewed by the Membership Committee and  if approved, the proposed membership application shall be submitted to  the Board of Governors for final review and approval.  Thus, each new  member of the Club shall be voted on by the Board of Governors upon  recommendation of the Membership Committee.  The vote on the election of  members shall be by ballot and two negative votes shall exclude the  person proposed for membership.  All membership proceedings of the  Membership Committee and the Board of Governors shall be confidential.

Section 3  Any member whose dues are not paid by December 31 will be considered  delinquent and be dropped from the membership rolls.  Such a delinquent  shall thereafter be excluded from the privileges of the Club and lose  any rights in any club property.  A member dropped from the rolls for  nonpayment of dues or other indebtedness may, at the discretion of the  Board of Directors, be reinstated for a $20.00 fee.

Section 4  Any member in arrears for any indebtedness shall be ineligible to hold office or entitled to vote.

Section 5  Any member not in arrears for dues, or other indebtedness, may tender a  written resignation of their membership to the Membership Chairman who  shall report same to the Board of Governors at the next meeting for  their action.  Any resigning member surrenders any rights they may have  in the Club property. A former member whose resignation has been  accepted and meets the requirements of Article 2, Section 1, may reapply  for membership and be put on any existing waiting list.

Section 6  Any Club member who no longer resides in the Hilton Head Plantation  shall be dropped from the membership rolls. A former member who returns  to Hilton Head Plantation and who meets the membership requirements of  Article 2, Section 1, may reapply for membership and will be given  priority on any existing waiting list.  No initiation fee will be  charged to a reinstated member.

Section 7  The  total membership of the Hilton Head Plantation Yacht Club shall be  limited to one hundred sixty (160) memberships.  Social memberships  shall be limited to sixty-five (65).  For the purposes of this Article,  members who are members of the same family shall be treated as a single  membership.  Not withstanding the above membership limits, members  requesting a change in classification of membership shall maintain their  current status until an opening occurs in the requested  classification.  Such changes in classification of membership have  priority over the admission of new members.

ARTICLE III  Duties of Officers

Section 1  It  shall be the duty of the Commodore to lead the Club, enforce the  Constitution and by-laws of the Club and to preside at all meetings of  the Club and the Board of Governors.

Section 2  It  shall be the duty of the Vice Commodore to assist the Commodore in the  discharge of his/her duties and to officiate in his/her absence.

Section 3  It shall be the duty of the Rear Commodore to assume the duties of the Commodore or the Vice Commodore in their absence.

Section 4  It shall be the duty of the Secretary to have custody of all reports  and documents connected with the proceedings of the Club and to record  and keep the minutes of all meetings, to keep a correct roll of the  members and to give notice of all special meetings of the Club stating  the business intended.

Section 5  It shall be  the duty of the Treasurer to have charge of the funds of the club and to  keep a correct account of all money received and paid out in books  provided for that purpose.  Funds shall be dispersed under the direction  of the Commodore and the Board of Governors.  A detailed account  showing the financial position of the club shall be presented whenever  so requested by the Board of Governors.  An annual report shall be filed  with the Secretary and Board of Governors.

Section 6 It shall be the duty of the Membership Officer to perform the duties involving the Membership Committee.

Section 7  It shall be the duty of the Fleet Captain Sail to perform the duties  attendant upon the activities affecting the sailing fleet.

Section 8  It shall be the duty of the Fleet Captain Power to perform the duties  attendant upon the activities affecting both the fleets and the social  members.

Section 9  It shall be the duty of the  Fleet Captain Social to have charge of all social events relating to the  monthly meetings of the Club.

ARTICLE IV  Powers and Duties of the Board of Governors

Section 1  The  Board of Governors shall meet monthly but at least eight (8) times a  year.  The Board shall consist of' the Commodore, Vice Commodore, Rear  Commodore, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Officer, Fleet Captain Sail,  Fleet Captain Power and Fleet Captain Social, and one (1)  Member-at-Large who shall represent the interest of the general  membership. The Board of Governors also shall include the immediate Past  Commodore who will act as an advisor.  Six (6) members shall constitute  a quorum.

Section 2  The Board of Governors  shall conduct the affairs of the Club and make such rules as they deem  proper and fix penalties for offenses against the rules.  The Board of  Governors shall approve all appropriations of the funds of the club over  $500.00.

Section 3 The Board of Governors will determine the fees, dues and assessments necessary for the maintenance of the club.,

Section 4  The Board of Governors shall have the power to suspend or expel any  member for violation of the Constitution or the By-Laws, or for conduct  which they deem improper or prejudicial to the club, but no member shall  be expelled, or suspended, without a hearing, provided such hearing is  requested by the member in question.

Section 5   The Board of Governors may re-admit to membership any former member  whose resignation has been accepted.  Such re-admission must be by  ballot and two (2) negative votes shall reject.  All rejected candidates  shall not be again proposed for reinstatement within six (6) months  after rejection.

ARTICLE V  Boat Squadron

Section 1  Boats  owned wholly or in part by members of the club shall become enrolled in  the fleet upon filing with the Membership Officer a description thereof  stating the name of the boat, its location and a copy of the  registration or a copy of the US documentation.

Section 2  The Club burgee shall be flown by a club member only from a boat owned, chartered or commanded by the member.

Section 3  Cruises, races and other club functions as not herein stipulated,  shall be held at such times as may be determined by the Board of  Governors.

ARTICLE VI Standing Committees

Section 1 The standing committee shall be the Membership Committee and the Nominating Committee.

Section 2 The  Membership Committee shall consist of four (4) members, the chairman  who shall be the Membership Officer plus three (3) members who are to be  appointed by the Membership Officer. The chairman shall have no vote  except to break a tie. The Membership Committee shall review all  proposed candidates for membership in the Club and propose membership to  the Board of Governors by a majority vote of the three voting   committee members. No rejected candidate shall be eligible to membership  within one year after rejection.

Section 3 There  shall be a Nominating Committee of five (5) members, three (3) of whom  shall be recent past members of the Board of Governors, and two (2) of  whom shall be appointed from the membership roster of members in good  standing.  The chairman of the Nominating Committee shall be appointed  annually by the Commodore. The Nominating Committee shall be appointed  by the Board of Governors no later than the September Board of Governors  meeting. The Nominating Committee shall nominate candidates for all  elective offices to be filled at the next annual meeting.  A minimum of  six (6) members in good standing may also nominate candidates for any  office by submitting to the Commodore in writing the name of such  candidate at least two (2) weeks before the annual meeting.

ARTICLE VII  Liability

Section 1 All  members agree that they enter into any Yacht Club activities  voluntarily and at their own risk, and that they will not hold the  Hilton Head Plantation Yacht Club, Inc. or any of its officers or  directors or the Hilton Head Plantation Property Owners Association or  any of its officers or directors liable for any damage or loss resulting  from such activities.


Section 1 These  By-Laws may be amended at any meeting of the Club by two thirds (2/3)  of the votes cast either in person or by proxy, provided the amendment  has been recommended by the Board of Governors and a copy of such  recommendation has been mailed to every member at least fifteen (15)  days in advance of such meeting. An announcement of the date, time and  place of such meeting shall be included with the copy. 

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